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How to set call reminders

How often will I be sent a missed call reminder ?

If you miss a call, you will be sent a notification right away, and a more bold reminder if they are one of your favorite contacts. 
If you’ve missed 2 calls from the same contact, then within 20 minutes you’ll already be sent another reminder.
Depending on how important the contact is to you based on our AI technology, we will also send more frequent reminders.
Upon opening your phone the next morning, you will also be provided with a summary of your missed calls that you haven’t called back.

How often will I be sent a reminder about a caller that didn’t answer me ?

If you made a call that wasn’t answered, you’ll be sent a friendly reminder 15 minutes later.
At 16pm, you’ll receive a daily summary of all the calls that weren’t answered.

How do smart reminders work ?

Smart reminders use AI technology in order to understand your calling behavior and patterns in order to provide you with the most personalized calling experience yet.


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