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How to use Caller ID ?

Can numbers be identified from different platforms?

Yes they can! With CallApp plus, any number can be identified from social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Viber and Facebook!
Even unsaved numbers can be identified.

Can contacts that aren’t saved be identified?

Of course! Here at CallApp we have the largest phone number database in the world in order to identify just about any contact, even those that aren’t saved as a contact in your phone.

How do I know that the Caller ID is accurate?

We work around the clock to make sure that our phone number database is constantly updated and accurate, and that spam numbers are marked as so.

Can Caller ID be spoofed?

The short answer is – unfortunately, yes.
But here at CallApp, we aim to ensure that our database is as accurate as possible, and are constantly updating it and performing checks for accuracy.

What does no caller id mean?

No Caller ID generally means that the caller has decided to make an incognito call, preventing you from identifying their number.
It’s likely to be spam and we suggest not answering these calls.

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