Make Your Phone Smarter

Automatically identify the Caller ID, telemarketing & spam calls, blacklist unwanted callers, search for unknown numbers, block SMS, identify messages and calls from messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Viber etc.

Block Spam & Telemarketers

Blocking phone calls from telemarketers has never been easier. Automatically see who is the true caller behind the call and find relevant info using just a simple tap! Find out more about our Call Blocker app.

Full Contact Info

Get more info from your contact list – pictures, birthdays, location, social media info including recent posts and much more! Learn about our phone contacts feature.

Call Recorder

Record incoming and outgoing phone calls with our Call Recorder! You can even share your recordings on social media. Find out more about our Phone Call Recorder.

Phone Number & Business Search

Search & find any name or number in the world using our smart search system. You can even search for places such as restaurants, businesses and so on. Search a phone number.



CallApp+ identifies any number that goes through your messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Viber, SMS, etc.