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Using CallApp

How to use CallApp?

Using CallApp is as simple as ever, offering the most user-friendly experience possible!
CallApp provides you with the answers to all of your calling needs, starting with Caller ID, which helps you always know who is calling thanks to our phone number database, known to be the world’s largest.
You can enjoy this feature by simply installing CallApp, and it’s free of charge too. Call Blocking is another free feature that is offered to all users, allowing them to block any number, spam or not, and can easily be marked with a simple click on their number – ensuring that you’ll never receive an unwanted call again.

On top of all these useful features, CallApp offers AI call management tools such as personalized missed call and ‘who didn’t answer me’ reminders to help you stay on top of all your calls and never skip a beat. Our innovative technology understands your calling behavior and automatically provides you with a personal assistant, at your service around the clock.
And when it comes to customization, enter our in-app store to see the endless ways that you can make your calling experience your own, from personalized call screens to keypads, themes, and much, much more!
By using CallApp as your main dialer, you can also allow yourself to have additional features that make your calling experience even faster.

For more information contact CallApp Support