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Why does CallApp require permissions?

Like other Caller ID & Communication applications available on Google Play, CallApp is deeply integrated with the underlying operating system. Thus, it (and other applications) requires permissions that will enable it to integrate smoothly and seamlessly with your phone. CallApp only requests the permissions that will provide you with the best calling experience.

Permission Usage
  • Full Internet Access
  • For accessing your social networks to retrieve information about your contacts
  • Read / Write contact data
  • For sharing and updating your contact list
  • Read text messages
  • To display most recent correspondence with the other party
  • Read / update calendar
  • To schedule meetings with your contacts
  • Initiate calls / send text messages / send e-mails
  • CallApp enables you to place calls and send messages (SMS, e-mail, etc…)
  • Your location
  • For sharing your location with your contacts
  • Account and sync related permissions
  • Sync CallApp contacts and update relevant information

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