Meet the Team: The Ying and Yang of Itay Avramov

Meet Itay Avramov, the Director of Global Revenue and Monetization at CallApp. That title may be a mouthful with some stressful indications, but Itay is the picture of cool, calm and collected.

With a tattoo going down his left arm and piercing blue eyes, I look down at the notes I have prepared for this Q&A and feel like maybe I have the wrong guy. But, as Itay will soon teach me, life and business are all about Ying and Yang, and he certainly has that balance down.

Itay was not always an office man with an online job. In fact, he studied Chinese medicine in university and still practices actively from time to time! From acupuncture to advertising, let’s find more about how his journey started and what exactly he does now.

Q) How on earth did you move from Chinese medicine to working as a director of global revenue?

A) During my five years in school, where I learned Chinese medicine specializing in skin disease, I also did online work part-time. It’s actually very common for people studying other fields, be it philosophy on English literature to land up in the online business.

After spending a year practicing in China, I came back home and worked in three clinics while still dabbling in online advertising. Part-time Chinese medicine, part-time online business- Ying and Yang, you see.

After some time, I came to the decision to move more permanently to high tech with my online abilities, but I still dabble in Chinese medicine and practice twice a week

Q) One you made that big decision to move onto high tech, you came to CallApp. Tell us what is your task here and what is unique about working for this company?

My main goal is obviously generating more income for the company, what that means practically is checking platforms daily, reviewing stats, and seeing our user flow and whether we have increased or decreased. My role is not only working with subscriptions but additional revenue streams like advertising.

When it comes to what is unique about CallApp in my specific area, there is plenty- we are one of the biggest caller IDs out there with over 45 million users. And the best part is that engagement is incredibly high. With this app, people are either using us or not. Black and white (ying and yang) and if you are using us, we WILL interact with your multiple times a day. An estimated average of 25 times to be exact.

So, CallApp becomes a stable part of your life, which means I get to see results and reactions instantly and feel connected to our users on a totally different level.

Because of this, we are also extra focused on our user experience. We want to keep a balance between users experience and ways of generating revenue -Ying and Yang- We strive for that balance.

Q) What is the atmosphere like at CallApp?

CallApp is a Start-Up with a small group of talented and passionate individuals. Because of the size, it is cozy, friendly, and more informal than most corporations.

Instead of spending unnecessary time in meeting after meeting, which is what corporates with large numbers of employees are often forced to do, at CallApp we all pretty much know our tasks and our main focus is the hands-on work that we need to do for that day.

Q) Do you personally use CallApp?

Yes of course, and I really like it. I think it’s the best caller ID out there no doubt (and I don’t just say that because I work here). I truly believe in this product which makes my work more exciting. While we have more features than any other similar application it is still being incredibly easy to use, we’ve got that perfect Ying and Yang down!