The 10 commandments of CallApp

While the 10 commandments may be something of the past from the Bible related to ethic and worship, there’s no reason why every individual, family or even company shouldn’t have their own 10 commandments too, even if they don’t follow or believe in religion.
And that’s not to say that those of the Bible are to be dismissed, but there’s no harm in establishing our own additional commandments that are more focused towards a specific goal, in this case – the most revolutionary
Caller app out there. 


Here are the 10 commandments of CallApp, that ensure that our users have the safest, most comfortable, user-friendly, and fun calling experience possible. We can assure you that we’re doing our very best every day to make that happen by constantly upgrading our current features and adding new ones too. 

Woman checking her phone


1) Everyone has the right to privacy, discretion and anonymity.

2) Everyone has the right to always know who is calling them.

3) The calling experience should be your own, as customized as possible.

4) No one should have to answer a call they don’t want to, and has the right to block whoever they please. 

5) No one deserves to be overwhelmed by too many missed calls. 

6) Everyone should want their phone to ring, and be excited by incoming calls. 

7) No one should have a boring ringtone, phone skin or keypad. 

8) No one should ever miss an important call without returning it in a timely fashion. 

9) No one should ever have to open up the yellow pages again.

10) No one should ever go a day without CallApp!

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Download call app now to make sure these calling commandments are part of your life.