What are the best features on CallApp Caller ID & Block

CallApp has a lot of cool features which can make your mobile phone even smarter. CallApp is a caller ID app that can identify and block phone calls from spammers and unknown numbers but, there are unique features in CallApp that are not existing in other caller ID apps.

1. Notes

This feature allows you to add a short note to a certain contact. You can use this features from two different places within the app, main menu and contact name.

2.Call reminders

Need to call your friend in a few hours but afraid you’ll don’t remember? This feature is exactly what you’re looking for! The “call reminder” feature allows you to add a call reminder to the app or to your favorite calendar app.

Call reminder in CallApp


This feature allows you to see your contact’s birthday in just a click. You can also send a beautiful greeting card using cool greeting themes such as “Classic”, “Special” and “Funny”.

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