4 Risks Of Not Tracking Your Calling Patterns

It’s likely that you’re not aware of where exactly your time goes, and more specifically, where your phone time goes.  And while you might be convinced that it’s not really a problem, here are 4 risks that you’re taking by not keeping track of your calling patterns that you surely don’t want to be (especially since they are easily avoidable with CallApp’s analytics and insights feature). 

1.You’re Risking Your Relationships 

By not tracking your calling patterns, you’re risking the success of your relationships. This can mean very different things for everyone – but perhaps you’re missing too many calls from a specific person in your life, perhaps you’re calling them too frequently and are being too needy, perhaps your calls aren’t long enough and you’re not communicating your feelings enough, or aren’t being a good enough of a listener. Either way, there’s no doubt about it that not knowing where you stand in your calling habits can be harmful to your relationships. 

A blank phone screen next to a laptop
Don’t run the risk of not knowing what’s happening on your phone.

2. You’re Risking Your Well-Being 

If you decide that there’s no need to keep track of your calling behaviors and not make the most of your analytics and insights, you might find yourself incredibly tired and worn out, without knowing what the reasons behind these feelings may be.  Perhaps you’re speaking on the phone at the late hours of the night, or maybe your boss and co-workers are calling you non-stop and you’re not even aware of the extent of it. Well, if you were to keep track of analytics and insights, you would be more likely to start putting your well-being first. 

3.You’re Risking Your Job 

While this should surely be obvious to you, this risk might not be so clear-cut. There’s a good chance that you’re spending far too much time during work hours speaking on the phone to your girlfriend, friends, or even your mother. And while that’s very sweet and all, it doesn’t really reflect too well in the office, and especially when your tasks aren’t being completed on time. Perhaps it’s time to avoid this risk and make sure that you’re keeping track of the time you’re spending on the phone, with who, and during what hours of the day. 

A man in a black t-shirt holding his phone
Know how you’re spending your time.

4.You’re Risking Your Image 

Regardless of what your circumstances may be, from your relationships to your job and well-being, there’s no doubt that your image is also something that can be risky when it comes to phone calls.  You’re going to want to make sure that no matter what, you’re protecting your image and that you aren’t calling anyone too often, avoiding anyone too frequently, speaking to anyone for too long, and so on. Needless to say, keeping track of your calling patterns is the best way to avoid taking unnecessary risks and protecting your track record.

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