5 Calling Trends You Can’t Ignore

Although we’re all trying to be unique individuals, at the end of the day, there are certain trends out there that are worthwhile to follow.  Here are 5 popular common calling trends that would be a real shame to not take on. Don’t worry, you can still stand out from the crowd – you’ll just do so with a lot less stress on your shoulders. 

#1- Always know who’s calling 

Those that are familiar with CallApp will surely already know that our main motto is ‘always know who’s calling’. But on top of this being (one of) our claim to fame, it’s also without a doubt a trend that you’ve got to follow.  Nowadays, it’s no longer so appropriate to ask who’s calling, and can often lead to awkward and uncomfortable situations if you haven’t saved the number calling you, showing the caller that they aren’t as important to you as they may have thought.  

A group of people standing by the window holding their phones
Nowadays, everyone always knows who’s calling

#2 – Spam calls are so last century

If you’re still getting spam calls nowadays, well then you’re really not following the latest trends. Spam calls are so last century, and there’s literally no reason to receive them with advanced technologies such as our own that allow you to both identify and block any number.  And trends aside, why suffer when you don’t have to?  Especially since it’s free!

#3- Have every call recorded 

If you’re still asking the caller on the other line to repeat themselves or stressing out over forgetting details discussed during a call, then it’s time to follow the trend of having every call recorded. This can also of course be easily done with CallApp.  

Two girls taking a picture of themselves
Be sure to keep up with the calling trends

#4- Making more than (just) some noise with ringtones

While it was once incredibly exciting to be able to choose your own ringtone and even put one of your favorite songs for a fee, that’s old news.  Now, the latest trend is to not just hear your ringtone, but also to see it too, with any video your heart desires. Our personalized video ringtones allow you to set a different video for each contact – allowing for far more than just some noise with ringtones. 

#5- Being self-aware 

Being self-aware has never more been popular.  Looking for answers and aiming to better understand ourselves is no longer something to be ashamed of, but rather something to be seriously proud of. And with CallApp’s analytics and insights, there’s no better and easier way to obtain all the personalized data about all your behaviors.

So what are you waiting for? Follow the 85 million others who have already downloaded CallApp!