Robocalls Are Increasing: CallApp Is Here

According to CNN Business, Robocalls are unfortunately about to become a whole lot more prevalent than they already are in the United States.  

If you’re not yet familiar with the term Robocall,  then we really hope it’s not just because you’ve coined these calls under a different name.  Based on the numbers we’ve seen though, it’s unlikely that you have yet to have received one. In fact,  statistics have shown that just this past February brought over four and a half billion robocalls to Americans. Just imagine what that means on a global, annual level, and it really only continues to grow. 

A robot in front of an AI machine
CallApp is here to protect you against automated calls

Robocalls are calls that are made from a ‘robot’ or automated machine – and there’s a good reason why you’re not being personally called by a real individual. That’s because these are scam calls out to get you and as many other people as possible, and it’s far easier to do so with a robot. 

And while this information is surely alarming, CallApp is here, and will always be there, no matter how prevalent these kinds of calls become. CallApp is here to ensure that every call is identified and verified, and if needed – blocked too.  

Together, we can put an end to these Robocalls. Download CallApp now.