Would You Rather – CallApp Edition

Would you rather is one of those super-fun, thought-provoking hypothetical games that’s played either between two shameless friends looking for some entertainment, or at a party with people who are looking to have a seriously good time and get to know their peers on a deeper level. 

girls have fun

Sometimes, things can get inappropriate, sometimes they can get pretty gross, and sometimes seriously hilarious.
We’re going to play this game
PG-13 with a special CallApp twist! In this game, people tend to ask about the specific conditions.
Don’t sweat it too much…it’s just a game to get you thinking! 

Would you rather get 100 spam calls everyday, or not have a phone at all?

Would you rather be a spam caller, or be unemployed?

Would you rather have to answer every call, or have to miss every call?

Would you rather have everyone know you blocked them, or not have the ability to block anyone?

Would you pay thousands of dollars for Caller ID, or give it up completely? 

Would you rather listen to all of your girlfriends conversations, or have her listen to yours? 

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